Feral Slayer Amarisse (fsamarisse) wrote,
Feral Slayer Amarisse

One Day - Heroes Fanfic

It was on a day unlike any other when she first saw him. Or should she say, part of her saw him. It was love at first sight. But everything changes and soon you realize the time is up. And that only the memories remain. How many or how few they are. They still remain.

It had taken that one day for her to realize she needed him. And for him to realize he loved her. But things can be taken away at an instance and all that is left is one day.

It had been a routine day, like any other. But then she took over. Slowly eating away at her sanity and destroying her being to make her life its own. Reality slowly left and fantasy remained.

The Niki I knew slowly disappeared. To be replaced with something different, more feral. An being who knew no boundaries. Jessica. The moments when my Niki was there were fewer and farther between. Even knowing what might happen, I wouldn't have left her there alone.

Niki slowly disappeared into a world of her own. She was distant, dazed. But we held up hope that we could do something about it. That if we just fought hard enough Jessica would be put at bay. She started to believe everything was fine. That she would be saved. And we believed her as always. It was a lie.

Jessica took over and ended up hurting Micah. Niki decided it be best that she be locked far away from us in a land of drugs and straitjackets. When i go to visit, I find I am left with what appeared to be Niki. But the drugs to keep Jessica at bay take her away as well. I hoped that she would over come this and return to us.

The person in that cell is not Niki. It was just a shell of the woman, she had been. The woman I had fallen in love with. She had been taken over completely by a Jessica, and then given up completely to control her. She did not know us, or realize what was happening around her. All she knew was that Jessica would not return and that we were safe. She was a shell, who knew not how to live in our world, yet had the innocence of a child.

Jessica had taken her away from me.

And all it took was...

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