Feral Slayer Amarisse (fsamarisse) wrote,
Feral Slayer Amarisse

Ice Phoenix (Tracy) PG-13

Title: Ice Phoenix
Rating : PG-13
Character: Tracy
Spoilers: Possibly "Building 26"
Summary : Tracy's thoughts under the heat lamps

The door closed behind me again and returned me to the never ending loneliness
and heat. For a week now my entire existence has been to attempt to think about
something besides the intense heat slowly leeching all my strength and mind.
It's all those years being called the ice princess to go in the way I am now.
Nathan had not thought through his plan and didn't give much concern to any
well being. It seems he felt if I died it would be much better to his cause.
No one wanted to come near enough to feed me anything so life revolved around
the never ending heat and being tasered long enough for them to dope me up and
give me some form of nutrition. I'm not even sure any more what they did. All
sense of time is leaving. Most of the time I go on with my eyes closed and even
then the red light come through. I can't turn her head enough to get away from
the light. The quiet doesn't even bother me any more, nothing existed any more
but the intense heat and the slow dehydration occurring. I'm surprised it hasn't
come yet, being unconscious would be so much better then what life was now.
Someone must be watching though, whenever I try to sleep the alarm sounds and
I'm hit by a cold torrent of water. It doesn't last long though. I've grown
interested in hearing the sizzling of it as it hits the ground, or maybe thats
it sizzling on my skin. I can't really feel my arms any more. The way it's
restrained and its weight comes close to dislocating my shoulders if I move.
Least I can move my legs I can exercise that way and keep me occupied. They
learnt quick to not come in front of me or maybe it was me. I'd kick out at
them using the bar as a counter weight. I could get one good shot in but then
I was stuck unable to right again stuck on the floor. I didn't care about the
indignity of it, all dignity is gone now, they took it from me. Maybe it was
me that gave up first, I can't remember now. I may have been here day a week a
month I don't know any more. All I know is that I will get him. I'll punish him
for this. I'll punish them all. They kept me here, they find it amusing, heat
up the ice princess. Keep me too hot to function. Just let them wait, wait until
the ice princess arises again. The phoenix will freeze and out of the ice I
will rise and they will learn the hell I have lived. I don't need a room and
heat lamps to torture them. All I need is myself. Wherever he goes I will find
him and his room will become hell frozen over.
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April 8 2010, 20:33:45 UTC 8 years ago

Your still a psycho!